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Weekly Swimming Pool Service & Repairs

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To ensure the swimming pool water chemistry is accurate with the readings that come from the water all year round! Simple tasks are completed each week upon the weekly pool service visits, that provide the pool pump and pool filter to run more efficient and smoothly all year round! Even if you don't swim 4-7 months of the year, the swimming pool chemistry is a big part of the health of your family while they do use it. If you do not care for it in the off season months, you do run a much larger risk of consuming waterborne diseases inside the water you are in.

What Is My Job?


My job is to ensure this NEVER happens! This is why I am out 1 time per week to deliver the results necessary! I want you to come home and go out back to enjoy your backyard, not be afraid of it! I have worked for 2 Top Competitors here in the valley & started AZ POOL BOSS after I found out about my Son coming into my life! This is my why, I work 7 days a week! I am very knowledgeable and would absolutely love the opportunity to meet you and your families, given such a opportunity to take care of your swimming pool with our pool service & repairs available!

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Once per week, I will come out to your property and properly test the chemistry of your pool water, skim, brush, empty skimmer & pool pump baskets, add proper chemicals & backwash if needed With pool repair, pool cleaner mmm & Pool service in Litchfield Park!

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